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DRX9000 spinal decompression


“Two years ago I was suffering from herniated discs in my neck, causing me pain and discomfort. I was living on painkillers and was almost immobile. My doctor wanted to operate, but I wanted to seek other options. I heard about Michigan Spinal Decompression Center in the Detroit News and decided to have a consult with Dr. Stacie. With my knowledge of chiropractic, starting treatment on the DRX9000 made sense.

The DRX9000 spinal decompression program has changed my life for the better. I am healed and have ABSOLUTELY NO MORE PROBLEMS!”

*UPDATE – “It has been two years since my last decompression treatment and I am still doing fabulous!”

Colleen N.


The DRX9000™ provides state-of-the-art spinal decompression treatments for relief for people suffering from low back pain, neck pain, and associated neurocompression pain disorders. The DRX9000™Spinal Decompression machine achieves these effects through decompression of spinal discs which relieves the pressure of the affected spinal nerve. Each treatment is designed to relieve spinal cord pressure that may be causing low back pain and neck pain. This may be  due to herniated discs, bulging discs, and degenerative discs. A well-known and common condition spinal decompression can help is sciatica.



Sciatica is often assumed to be everyday leg and foot pain. One common cause of sciatica is disc problems in your lower back. The discs in your lower back connects to the nerves that run down your legs all the way to your feet. Because it connects to the nerves that run down your leg, sciatica can cause numbness and tingling in these areas. Often times, many people describe this type of pain to feel like a pinched nerve and can be very painful and uncomfortable. Many people describe this type of pain to feel like a pinched nerve. This can be very painful and uncomfortable.


With over a decade of treatments performed by Get Well Chiropractic (formally known as First Choice Chiropractic of Northville) with decompression therapy, we are confident in the performance of the DRX9000 and DRX9000C. It begins with attaching a belt to the midsection that enables the decompression process. Next, the treatment begins by laying down on a cushioned table. The table is completely padded and adjustable to fit the height and weight of each client. Treatment length of time depends on the stage of treatment and the severity of the pain. The computerized system that controls the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Machine calculates the body’s reaction to decompression. This protects the muscles, and ensuring the gentlest treatment possible. We treat back problems of many levels with our decompression machines.


For more information on the benefits of spinal decompression therapy with the DRX9000 and DRX9000C, print our coupon below and give us a call today to schedule your consultation.


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