“I had extensive contusions from an auto accident. Several weeks after my accident I was still dealing with painful bruising and swelling. I received cold laser therapy after each adjustment for several weeks. My results were amazing! All of my bruising and swelling had healed and my pain had drastically subsided. I’d recommend cold laser therapy to anyone who wants to speed up the healing process!” -Debbie R.


We have many different options to achieve pain relief naturally. From chiropractic adjustments, to massage therapy, to decompression, there is more to explore for pain relief. The cold laser is a form of enhanced technology that is a safe and natural way to treat specifically targeted pain points. Treatments can help new and old injuries alike. Injured tissue requires more energy to repair than non injured tissue so the increased energy in the cell from the treatment allows for better healing and repair.

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The laser uses pulses of infra-red light that penetrate energy into the affected areas through the skin’s tissue. The light energy from the lasers produce many benefits, some of which are experienced shortly after treatment including reduced pain, improved range of motion, and increased circulation. This treatment can also decrease inflammation, repair damaged cells, and enhances the body’s potential to absorb energy which in turn, reduces pain. Many people that receive treatments explain their ailments as having trouble sleeping, bad posture, pain from old injuries, and overall daily physical discomfort.


Common conditions our clients have that this type of therapy can help are lower back pain, mobility issues, and pain from sprains, and strains. The purpose the healing and rejuvenating features of this type of therapy are to help relieve pain in muscles, joints, deep tissue, ligament, bones, nerves, and more. Because of the name, you may assume that treatments feel cold and painful, but contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t hurt and as a bonus, has no dangerous side effects. The name cold laser doesn’t necessarily mean it produces cold, but the reason it’s called cold laser therapy is that it doesn’t produce heat.


There are many testimonials that confirm the credibility of this treatment including those in the media. Popular health advocates such as Dr. Oz and Dr. Axe have both explored the positive impact of cold laser therapy and both agree that it’s a great alternative to traditional medicine and multiple medications. Dr. Oz has referred to the it as a “no pill pain buster” in a natural remedy for pain segment on his television show.

The equipment that we use at Get Well Chiropractic has been developed for over 30 years and has been featured on ABC and Forbes and is a part of the curriculum for many chiropractic universities including Life University, Parker University, and Palmer College of Chiropractic.


For more information schedule a consultation and view the equipment to learn how it works.

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