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“I had some pretty serious stomach issues that ‘traditional’ doctors treated with drugs to control the symptoms. After being scanned, tested and treated with drugs, it took a chiropractor to help heal my stomach! Since beginning chiropractic care and with the use of Standard Process supplements, I’ve only had one cold and my stomach issues have almost disappeared. I feel much better and I know I am improving my quality of life.” -Andrea P.


True health and wellness begins with taking care of yourself. At First Choice Chiropractic of Northville, the Doctor will perform a full body assessment to develop a completely customized wellness plan for each individual client. Our assessments also include vital scans, an RJL scan, and a ZYTO scan which determines what minerals and nutrients would be beneficial to your body, an informational report of our findings and a care package that will suit your needs.



The saying, “You are what you eat” has a lot of truth to it. Our body’s ability to function relies heavily on the nutrients that we put into it. They help determine how well and how fast we heal. This means our body needs to be fed correctly. Present day foods have changed so much over the past few decades by modifying, processing and by the method of storage, that manufacturers are having to manually add nutrients back into them. This makes it hard to get what we need just by eating. Supplementation to our normal diets helps get us to where we need to be and consistently feeling great.


We are firm believers in the whole foods concept, which means consuming food that is as close to its natural form as possible. Reducing or eliminating processed foods is proven to improve our body’s functions. Adjusting your diet this way will accomplish anything from achieving weight loss, alleviating health issues such as cardiovascular and abdominal issues, and improving our body’s ability in healing itself. Food labels can tell you a lot when it comes to what you’re feeding your body. The goal is, to eat foods that have recognizable ingredients and minimal ingredients that don’t offer any nutritional value to your body. Many current diet fads deplete the body of required nutrients. For people who struggle with maintaining the proper weight for their body type, nutrient depletion will sabotage weight loss, rather than promote it. Beginning with proper nutrition through whole foods, organic foods, and supplementation is a perfect start.


Supplements are utilized by Dr. Stacie Ford to support normal body functions and altered body chemistry. Private consultations are always necessary to determine your specific nutritional needs. Our choice to use Standard Process formulas and MediHerb and Innate Choice allows us to provide high-quality vitamin supplementation for optimal support. Standard Process believes in the organic farming process which begins with managing nutrient-rich soil on their company-owned farm in Wisconsin. Standard Process farmers follow strict guidelines which include consistent monitoring from outside agencies and being involved in the entire growth process- from the seed to complete growth of the crop. This is important for ensuring our clients are getting the best possible products.

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To help the people of our community achieve health and wholeness by reconnecting to their innate source of healing through education, enlightenment and chiropractic care.


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