Adj TableAs a society we base a high percentage of our healthcare decisions on what we see and hear in the media, whether it’s on T.V., radio or the computer. “If you have this symptom…Take this! If you have that symptom…Take that!” Our decisions are leading to some big problems with our health and wellness.

True health and wellness is more than the absence of symptoms. Waiting on symptoms to appear before we react, could mean a significant loss of our health and wellness before we know it.

At First Choice Chiropractic of Northville we want to help people transform their lives from a reactive illness model to that of a proactive wellness model. We will help educate you about chiropractic and other natural solutions to common health problems so that you can take an active and more responsible role in your health and wellness.


“I first came in because I was pregnant and was having hip pain and headaches. I thought my first adjustment was great; the doctor was very thorough with my consultation and gentle with my adjustment. My improvements have been great and I don’t have any more headaches! I always feel like a part of the First Choice family. Thanks for the extra TLC!”

Denise C.


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